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svg travel icon. Part 3

Business travel icon download svg

Business travel icon

As the saying goes, summer is a time for vacations and travel. Let’s support this tourist trend with the help of the corresponding icons on this topic. Very interesting specialized sets are offered to your attention. In the first set we are waiting for monochrome aircraft, luggage, signs. This is followed by round icons with clear pencil silhouettes of city sights. All kinds of vehicles such as cars, bicycles, motorcycles in a funny style can be found in the next collection. Then another contour drawn objects on the theme of travel. But the colored round compositions with three-dimensional shadow. Or here’s a choice of flat icons for travelers. There is also a set with beach icons — the sun, palm trees, waves, beach slippers and other resort joys.

Business travel icon download svg

To download your favorite travel icons, click on the appropriate link. In the new window opens a page where there is a link to download. We are looking for the word Download and click on it. After that, download the icons on your computer. In some cases, you need to visit the author’s site to download. At the time of writing this post, all icon sets were free and available for download.

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